Exhibitions, and Showrooms Design

Establishing a showroom or visitor center for a new customer is an invitation to enter the customer’s content world. It starts with learning the most subtle nuances that make up the fabric of the company or the story behind the customer (visitor center) and continues to design an artistic concept that will present the entire content world in creative attire so that the visitor will meet in a fascinating, fun, and exciting way.

Dreams & Magic specializes in performing complex projects and designing comprehensive solutions that combine content development combined with advanced technology, for a large variety of companies, organizations, institutions, and museums.

Through the skilled team of Dreams & Magic that includes designers, content people, producers, and workshop staff, we accompany the idea from the characterization and development stage to its best fulfillment in the given space, which gives our finished product at the end of the day, the power to captivate visitors in an innovative, unique experience., sweeping and enriching.

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Israel Aerospace Industries – GDT
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Gibor Sport House