Animation Production

An animated video is a wonderful tool that helps convey an accurate message in an easy and fun way. An animated video simply shows the viewer complex actions or allows to present products that are still in the concept or design stage.

In the age of social networks and message overload, animated video serves as an excellent marketing, image, and sales tool for presenting the company image or product to potential customers or investors. A high-quality animated video with a clear message is a digital-marketing asset that can easily be distributed on the various new media channels and create buzz around it.

We at the production company accompany the customer in the various stages, from the concept stage and script writing, through the production to the finished film. Our animation team at Dreams & Magic has proven experience in hundreds of animated film productions, from dinosaurs to screws and missiles, we have done everything, and we will be happy to produce animated films for you as well.

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Watergen RV’s
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Red Lightning
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Amiad – Nova