about Dreams & Magic

Dreams and Magic Ltd. is a technology and production company specializing in video production and interactive apps, augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) development.

High Profile Production Values lead our company as an instructive, imaginative and visual instrument in various areas and fields, starting in commercials and graphic kits to television programs, technical products films, advertisement films, simulations, gaming, visitor centers, show rooms and  

Our signature creation team is a mix of fresh, rising talent working alongside accomplished animation and development program veterans. We house a cutting-edge pipeline and capacity to handle everything from pre-production to post-production.

why us

In today's competitive world, creativity and innovation is your ability to achieve results!


We are not time travelers but will not hesitate to walk to the end of the world (and a little more) to help you reach your goals. We are driven by creativity, driven by talent and driven by technological innovation.

DREAMS & MAGIC LTD employs the best of tomorrow’s creative people. The video studio, the workstations, the software we use, and our rendering farms are among the most advanced in the country in their field and allow us to meet the tight schedules, while maintaining the high quality of work expected of us.

our Clients