Virtual Reality communication transfers messages and information into a virtual and interactive world that can be experienced with all the senses

Dreams & Magic VR Development Services

Virtual Reality App Development

Virtual reality apps have seen rapid growth in popularity, augmented by the use of the smartphone as part of new VR headsets. Our developers can comfortably create virtual environments for mobile or dedicated hardware.

VR Design

Design within virtual reality is a nascent field where old norms for UI and UX Design do not readily apply. Our VR designers are contributing to the future of VR and provide world-class design support for any virtual reality project.

Computer Vision

Computer vision focuses on how computers can acquire, process, and analyze digital images. For VR, this opens the possibility of creating “merged reality” in which the VR environment can update based on photos that a headset captures.

Unity Platform

Primarily an advanced game engine, Unity engine is also able to power virtual reality apps. Our Unity developers can help take advantage of this engine to generate incredible graphics for your application.

Google VR Platform

Google’s push into virtual reality with Cardboard and Daydream have created a lower-end segment of the VR economy. Using the Google VR SDKs, Our developers can quickly develop apps on the platform that is democratizing VR use.

Oculus Rift Platform

Manufactured by Oculus VR, a division of Facebook, the Oculus Rift was one of the first forays into VR hardware and remains very popular. Through using Oculus’s native SDKs, our developers can maximize the functionality of apps on the headset.