SimShot-VR™ is a powerful airsoft-gun shooting simulator using a realistic 3D graphics and sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)

SimShot-VR™ is not using a real live bullet so it is safer and more cost-effective to use. SimShot-VR™ can simulate any terrain, landscape or situation. SimShot-VR™ is the best shooting training tool for HLS \ Law enforcement \ Security … and even gamers!

SimShot-VR™ allows the user to shoot in any customized airsoft-gun or airsoft pistol in an endless virtual space, real based or made up.


SimShot-VR™ USP:

• Simulate real time shooting experience without using real bullets.
• User free movement in un limited VR environment size arenas.
• User Analytics, shooting computer and smart A.I
• Weapon and scenarios can be customized by client demand.
• Easy to deploy, operate and maintenance.

Our system include:

• Headset gear (including surround earphone)
• Wireless controller – 2 units
• Weapon adjustable position sensor system
• Lighthouse sensor – 2 units (cover up 5m x 5m room)
• Lighthouse sensor stand – 2 units
• Adjustable airsoft weapon (Riffle \ Gun)
• VR workstation\ laptop computer
• 5 Arenas: Tactical: Outdoor \ Hangar \ Shooting Practice
Gaming: Zombies \ Magic Island

For more information

please visit our SimShot-VR™ official website: