Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented reality is changing the way people engage with the world.
Dreams & Magic AR developers deliver results across multi platforms and hardware.

Dreams & Magic AR Development Services

Marker-based Development

Marker-based augmented reality mobile applications utilize image recognition to detect patterns or images (markers). Our developers have expertise in SDKs supporting cloud recognition, equipping them to interface with a large number of markers.

Location-based Development

Location-based AR apps use GPS, accelerometers, and digital compasses to establish location and create augmented reality objects. These apps are becoming more and more easily implemented by smartphones.

Apple ARKit

ARKit is Apple’s AR SDK and works with iOS 11 and higher. Likely to become the leading choice for Apple products, ARKit supports Visual Inertial Odometry, Plane detection, Lighting estimation, and can be used in combination with the Unity3D and Unreal engines.

Android AR Development

Specifically focused on developing AR applications for Android, DroidAR supports both location- and marker-based apps. DroidAR is freely available and supported on GitHub.


One of the oldest and best-established AR SDKs, Vuforia offers an impressive set of functions for developers including 2D/3D object recognition, text recognition, video playback, and virtual buttons.

Smart Glasses & Visors

Although smartphones are the most common hardware for AR, smart glasses are rapidly growing in popularity and have a key advantage: they support hands-free AR experiences.