New cost-effective Augmented Reality technology

Dreams & Magic introduces: New cost-effective Augmented Reality technology

Dreams & Magic is now charging forward with Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for use in the marketing of defense products.Understanding the unique needs of defense companies in presenting their products visually, on film, at trade shows as well as for and other marketing needs, Dreams & Magic has brought together breakthrough, proprietary technologies, seasoned programmers and experienced designers and animators to provide customized state-of-the-art solutions that are both stand-out as well as cost effective and

Augmented Reality Race car by Dreams & MagicAugmented reality technologies are ideally suited for many different uses: in videos, presentations and product demonstrations, at trade shows and info booths, for a wide range of marketing and branding applications, for internal communications as well as for a wide range of training uses.So what is Augmented Reality all about and what makes it so particularly essential & powerful for use in defense industry marketing and publicity?

Simply put, Augmented reality allows computer-generated content to be superimposed over a live camera view of the real world. Identifying the need for advanced cutting-edge display methods in military uses, we incorporated technologies similar to advanced video games, integrating computers, software, cameras and digital displays into a single innovative display system. By taking live video streams and incorporating them in computer generated real-world environments, we blur the distinction between what’s real and what’s computer-generated. Fantasy becomes reality!

Enabling “hands- on” interactive participation, your potential customers not only get a much clearer picture of what you are offering, they become part of the picture! You can make a product come alive, by virtually putting people into a scene of your own creation! Interaction at this level is so much more powerful than standard mono or bi-dimensional interactions and it saves time and resources.

So how does it work?

Let’s say that you are a weapons manufacturer exhibiting a new weapon or product. A visitor enters your booth. You invite him to stand at a certain point in the booth, and hold a. The visitor will be asked to look at a large screen located in front of him. As soon as his hand touches the stick, he will see himself appearing on the screen holding a fully equipped assault rifle. The product is superimposed over the stick he is holding and he can actually see what the real weapon would look like in his hands! And at the click of a button, the rifle could be changed for a different model with different accessories or configurations. Any movement made by the visitor will be fully imitated on the screen, as if he is actually holding the real weapon!


Imagine how useful this could be in situations where there is only a prototype available, or in situations when you have a large scale product such as a vehicle, tank or missile. Think of the value and memorability that an experience like this can add, as well as the ability in real-time to offer a picture souvenir of the visitor holding and firing the product!

Dreams & Magic Ltd is a leading international production company that relies on in-house development capabilities to deliver license-free applications without strict regulations and fees.

Our programmers can design interactive apps to either generate a set image in a set part of the photograph, or to use a combination of GPS data and an analysis of the image itself to generate particular images in specific locations.

High Profile Production Values, a pedantic attention to details and a philosophy of total customer satisfaction have earned us a glowing reputation.

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