ELTA ELM-2090U Augmented reality experience

ELTA ELM-2090U Augmented reality experience

Try the new ELTA ELM-2090U Augmented reality experience:

Here is ELTA ELM-2090U marker, for the new ELTA ELM-2090U Augmented reality experience.
If you do not already have the ELTA ULTRA SYSTEM marker printed, just right-click on of the images,
select “save as” and print it. Then point your application camera on the printed marker.


ELM 2090U marker. Right-click on of the images, select “save as” and print it. Then aim the device to the graphics.

IAI-ELTA’s ELM-2090U UHF ULTRA Early Warning and long range search and track radars are a family
of transportable land-based radar systems designed to autonomously detect and simultaneously
track dozens of Ballistic Missiles (BMs), satellites and airborne targets at very long ranges. The radar
operates under all weather conditions and in the presence of dense electromagnetic environments.
The modular digital Active Electronic Steering Array (AESA) includes thousands of transmit/
receive modules and digital units which provide high redundancy, graceful degradation, high
reliability and high availability.

The modular design enables the construction of scalable radar con􀃶gurations using multiple antenna
building blocks (clusters) according to customer requirements.

For more information: ELM – 2090U


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