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Raptor Ranch [2013] VFX

The plot: A modern day Texas community is overrun by vicious prehistoric velociraptors and a group of people try to survive the raptor onslaught at a cattle ranch.

In Fossil Ridge, Texas, a reclusive rancher has been experimenting with bird DNA and managed to create several species of carnivorous dinosaurs. One of them gets loose and causes a string a killings, drawing the attention of the police and the FBI who send two agents to investigate.
Meanwhile, Abbi Whitecloud, a waitress and aspiring singer whose mother was one of the casualties, is forced to work for her demanding boss to pay off a debt. Entering Fossil Ridge are college buddies Sheldon, Lucas, and “Manbeast”, who run out of gas and touring band Little Willie and the Willettes, who suffer engine trouble. Abbi agrees to take Sheldon and Manbeast to the rancher’s property for gasoline. They are accompanied by Willie’s drummer, Kolin. While there, the rancher suffers a heart attack and Manbeast is devoured after accidentally releasing the rest of the dinosaurs.
Abbi, Sheldon, and Kolin return to Abbi’s house to find her boss there; a T-rex follows them, eats the boss, and trashes Abbi’s house. As they escape, they get chased by a pair of Megalosaurs, but Abbi is able to fend them off with a bow she salvaged. They return to the gas station to find Lucas the only survivor; Willie and Josie have been killed by raptors. After attempting to escape in Willie’s broken down tour bus, they are trapped by the dinosaurs and Lucas is eaten by the T-rex. The others make it to a factory while the dinosaurs converge and fight one another, with the Megalosaurus emerging victorious.
The Megalosaurus tracks them to a processing plant and in the ensuing chase, Kolin and Sheldon are crushed to death by the rampaging reptile. Finally, Abbi lures the dinosaur to a different part of the factory containing flammables, pours gasoline onto the floor, and ignites it, incinerating the beast. She is then taken into custody by the FBI agents, who release her and cover up the incident by attributing it to attacks by “killer emus” or “the chupacabra”.
One year later Abbi finally realizes her dream as a carbaret singer and is performing in an undisclosed nightclub. As her show wraps up, a surviving raptor appears and pounces at the screen.

Dreams & Magic Ltd. produced 5 3d models of dinosaurs for the production. The work included: research , 3d modeling, rigging and muscle FX, texturing  and animation.


Raptor-1 Raptor-2 Raptor-3 Raptor-4 Raptor-5 Raptor-6


Raptor Ranch Trailer

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